Ready for the Night: How to Last Longer in Bed for Men

A worldwide problem

Doing sexual activity for a long time is a huge achievement for men. This will boost their confidence in bed. As a man ages, sexual problems occur. Serious questions pop in, “how to last longer in bed for men?” and “why can’t I last longer in bed?”

premature ejaculation

Almost fifty percent of men worldwide come in 5 minutes or even less. This scenario will leave their partner unsatisfied and disappointed. Some men find it hard to last longer in bed than they expect and want it to be.

Solutions to the problem may be bought

Thankfully, there are medicated and herbal pills that have been proven to help men do their job in bed.  One common pill that is being used by men today is Sildenafil, which is commonly known by its brand Viagra. Its effect left many users the feeling of satisfaction and confidence. This is often used by men with erection problems. Since this is a prescription drug, only a physician can tell if a man needs it. Other popular pills on the market now are herbal food supplements for men. They contain Korean red panax ginseng and Tongkat Ali, which are the active ingredients of the pill.

Many are considering buying these pills to last longer in sexual activities. Men take it a few hours before engaging in sex. According to studies, men who take these pills last longer in bed and gain better stamina. Vitamins especially made for men are also available. These are to be taken daily to boost the energy during the act. These can be bought over the counter in pharmacies and supermarkets.

end premature ejaculation

The natural and pleasurable ways.

There are also some ways on how to last longer in bed for men without taking any pills. Ejaculating beforehand may help. Masturbating two hours before engaging in the sexual act can make a man last longer as this will leave his sac empty. Arousal upon having sex will still be achieved through sensual foreplay. Remember to not start off hard and fast. The man must enjoy every moment with his partner and make her feel that his world revolves around her.

This will make the course look longer and extremely pleasurable. In the middle of the act, penetrate her with slow movement. Deep thrusting may result in premature ejaculation. A shallow penetration may do the trick. If the man has control of the situation, he may do deep and shallow thrusting alternately.

With all the possible ways, some men still suffer from pre ejaculation. Sex position may be a factor in this problem. Having only a few sex positions may make a man come early as his body has gotten used to those positions and may anticipate coming.

There are, however, some known techniques to last longer in bed Condoms are used for safe sex but they have another role. Thick condoms may help prevent early coming as it decreases sensation. Have the woman on top to reduce stimulation.

Your partner is what makes you last longer in bed Make her reach her climax using your mouth and fingers. Play with her body in an intimate way. Orgasm during foreplay may be reached by some women. With this, you will not have to worry about how long you could last as she already had orgasm and satisfaction.

Being sexually adventurous may have an impact. Perpendicular sex position avoids the sensitive parts of the man, thus having longer time to come and give pleasure to his partner. Numbing agents may also be used to delay ejaculation.

Having a great performance in between the sheets is what most men would desire. There are several ways to last longer Switching positions at the right moment is the key. Regular switching may reduce the tension in a man and can hold back ejaculation. If ejaculation happens, there is always time for a second round. As soon as the man came, he can give his full attention to his partner and do whatever his partner likes. This will help him regain his strength and be able to perform again.

Though most men prefer rough and adventurous sex, staying calm is one of the tips to last longer in bed. This will help the blood to flow naturally. Relaxing the mind can also be done. If a man worries a lot about coming early, then he is more likely to do so .Thinking of only the sensual feeling on the genitals may make a man come early.  Freeing the mind of these thoughts will make the act last longer.

Make sure that the woman is properly lubricated. It is one of the tricks to last longer in bed This will make the stimulation and pressure less, allowing for a longer time for penetration.

A full bladder may cut the romance short. The man may ejaculate sooner than expected with a full bladder. Drop all the fluids before engaging in the act.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. If a man could not last in bed longer than he wants to, frequent sex may be done. This will make him learn to control his body. Lastly, a talk may be considered. Given the tips on how to last longer in bed, one cannot do them without the help of the partner. Being open with each other about any sexual matter is important.




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