Techniques on How to Last Longer in Bed

Techniques on How to Last Longer in Bed


In almost everything, men always want to finish first except in one thing, in sex. Guys will agree, although some may not say it out loud, that they are actually insecure about two things – size and endurance. However, even men with above average size tend to still come short when it comes to satisfying their partner. Size, therefore, is not directly proportional to performance in feeding their partner’s sexual appetite.


Statistics shows that it commonly takes a long time for women to reach climax. This is a challenge for men to be creative in maintaining a momentum and knowing how to last longer After all, long sex is quite synonymous to great sex.

Enrich your sex life

Unfortunately, some men find it difficult to fight premature ejaculation. This problem concerns them so much that they often ask, “What can I do to last longer in bed?” No need to worry because below are some tips for lasting longer in bed


1. The Squeeze Technique


If you can already feel that you are about to reach orgasm, take a halt and squeeze the portion underneath the head of the organ. Firmly press your thumb and your forefinger on the urethra. Urethra is the tube along the bottom of the male organ. This technique can help fight off premature ejaculation by driving blood out of the male organ, which will briefly reduce sexual tension.


2. The Cowgirl Technique


Cowgirl refers to a sexual position wherein the woman rides on top of the man. This position may be less stimulating to the man. However, this is very stimulating to the woman. This allows the woman to reach satisfaction while helping men on how to go longer in bed without much effort.


3. The Exercise Technique


While sex is already an exercise, there are also some excercises to last longer in bed Kegel exercise and reverse Kegel exercise are two of them. These workouts help enhance ejaculatory control by toning and developing the muscle that takes control of the ejaculation. These exercises also help you on how to increase stamina in bed


4. The Condom Technique


When purchasing a condom, always choose those that are thicker if you want to know how to last longer during sex. Extra thick condoms serve as a slip on desensitizer for the male organ.


5. The Slow Technique


If you think you are already approaching climax, try to slow down a little. Take your time teasing her and experience a bond between each other. Although the primary objective of slowing down is holding off ejaculation, this technique proves to be effective when it comes to drawing couples closer together.


6. The Change Technique


This is quite similar to the slow technique. Yet, instead of simply slowing down, the change technique involves altering positions, pace, style and so on. Doing this every now and then during sex can help extend pleasure.


7. The Foreplay Technique


The previous techniques are practices done during the deed itself. The foreplay technique, on the other hand, involves what you should do prior to the main event. This is called the foreplay. How do you last longer in bed through this technique? The foreplay is designed to set the mood. It sets the atmosphere into an intimate one. When there is a problem with how to make yourself last longer in bed, you can take advantage of the foreplay to help women reach climax faster. This will help you finish simultaneously.


8. The Vegetarian Technique


Vegans are recognized for their firm position on milk and meat consumption, as well as their endurance and energy between the sheets. A vegetarian eating plan loaded with fruits can offer more lasting energy that will never bring about the sugar crash from manufactured sugar. For instance, a banana is rich in potassium, which is great in the production of sex hormone and the increase in energy.

Studies have demonstrated that non-meat eaters have two times the endurance of meat eaters. A research written and published in a renowned medical journal compared meat-eating athletes to vegans and almost-vegetarians, 50% of whom were non-active. Analysts measured the length of time they were able to hold arms stretched out and the number of knee bending repetitions the participants did.


The results unveiled that only thirteen percent of meat-eating players could stretch their arms out for a quarter-hour as compared to sixty-nine percent of non-meat eaters. In addition, no meat-eating players can hold their outstretched arms for half an hour as compared to forty-seven percent of vegans only.


Seek advice from experts.

How to please a woman

Have you tried all the tips and tricks to last longer listed above? If yes, but you still find yourself saying, “How can I last longer in bed”, then it is time to consult a sexual dysfunction specialist. The expert will try to examine you and figure out if you have other underlying medical conditions that may have caused premature ejaculation.


Depending on the result, he may recommend you to have a consultation with an urologist. Early diagnosis of the real culprit may also mean fast solution to the problem. After treating the underlying problem, the sexual dysfunction specialist may already give advice on how to last longer in bed.



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