The Master Guide to Last Longer in Bed For Men Naturally

Everyone has bed troubles, and that’s okay. Sometimes we get excited way too much and become unable to satisfy our partner. If you found yourself asking “How Do I Last Longer in Bed,” you’re in the right place.

Sex advice for men

If you want to know how to last longer in bed naturally without all the hormonal, medicinal alternatives, here are nine natural methods on how to make yourself last longer in bed (and a bonus tip below!).

  1. Don’t Be Selfish – This is definitely a priority in learning how to last longer in bed. This is your wakeup call. Having sex is consensual. Having sex shouldn’t just be for your own pleasure – it should be for your partner’s too. Figure out what makes her body tick. Besides, paying attention to her needs first will definitely keep your mind away from your own troubles of coming sooner.
  2. Genitals Aren’t the Only Parts – If you want to know how to last longer in bed, you need to realize that the penis and the vagina aren’t the only parts that need to connect. Use your hands. Let them travel her body, pull her hair (if she’s into that), and generally hold her anywhere she’d let you. Use your mouth too! Try following your fingers with your kisses, nuzzle her neck, nip at her nipples, anything goes!
  3. Slow it Down – there’s always no need to rush sex. Having sex is the most intimate and albeit fulfilling part of a relationship, so why not take a step back and enjoy it? Try slow, steady thrusts instead of the heavy pummeling that you would usually do. There’s a reason why Usher’s Nice and Slow became US Billboard Top 100’s #1 single during Valentines’ Day in 1998!
  4. Exercise and Skip the Vices – one of the natural ways to last longer in bed is exercise. Exercise is always healthy! Practice kegel exercises, and continually focus on your PC (pubococcygeus muscle, the floor of your pelvic cavity) muscles. Figure out how to contract this muscle the same way you would try to stop yourself in the middle of urinating. Another factor is to start limiting your smoking and/or drinking. Smoking gives you nicotine, a vasoconstrictor, that constricts your regular blood flow (especially to the penis). Alcohol, on the other hand causes impotence as well. If you really know how to last longer in bed, ditch the vices!
  5. Squeeze the base of your shaft – imagine placing a cock ring on the base of your penis. While having the actual cock ring in place can do the job, you or your partner can squeeze it with a circle formed from your two fingers. The reason that cock rings exist in particular is to constrict the flow of blood from the erect penile tissue, prolonging your erection.
  6. Edging – although sometimes painful and hard to accomplish, edging may still be a good solution. To last longer in bed naturally, try edging: have yourself stop right as you’re about to come. Wait for a minute, and then resume. This should help train you how to move when you’re on the edge, and at the same time, prolong your lovemaking.
  7. Make Some Noise – don’t you just love hearing your partner moan or scream through the night during your lovemaking? She enjoys hearing you, too! Men are often quiet during sex except when they’re climaxing, so try to make her listen to how much you’re enjoying your lovemaking! Whenever you hit a spot, don’t stifle that grunt. Let the animalistic urge take control (but not overwhelm you – remember, you’re not the only one who’s supposed to enjoy sex).
  8. Never, Ever, Ever Skip Foreplay – similar to # 2 and #3, sex can be so much more enjoyable if you just sit back and not rush through it. Foreplay, in this sense, is vital. It helps turn both of you on gradually – allowing both your sex organs to dilate and ready themselves for the home run, so to speak! As you start, don’t attack the erogenous zones completely. That may work with men, but women love getting teased. They love the build of a slow arousal. Touch her everywhere but the breasts, the ass, and the oyster! You’ll know when it’s time.
  9. A step-by-step guide – Still don’t know what to do to last longer in bed? Here’s a how to last longer in bed video.
  10. The Alternative – If you’re not interested in the natural ways to last longer in bed, you might be interested in taking pills to make you last loner in bed. The blue pill, popularly known as Viagra (Sildenafil), is a PDE-5 (Phosphodieterase type 5) inhibitor, which works by forcing an increase of blood flow into the erectile tissue of your penis. Taking one 50mg dose of Viagra will normally give you a full-on erection for four to five hours at most. Alternatives to Viagra a “weekend” drug that usually lasts up to a whopping 36 hours!

There you have it! With a little effort, you’ll be able to last longer in bed in no time! We sure hope this guide will help you with your bedroom struggles.

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