Tips on How to Make Him Last Longer in Bed

Lasting loger in bed is one of the goals of most men when it comes to sexual performance. Men can reach orgasm faster than women in most cases. This is the reason why most women are not satisfied in bed. The fact that most men below the age of 40 suffer from premature ejaculation makes this problem worse. These tips on how to make a guy last longer can be handy the next time you spend intimate time with your partner. 


Most women who wonder how can a man last longer in bed usually overlook foreplay. A vigorous and prolonged foreplay can help both you and your partner have the best sexual experience every time. Try to make him reach orgasm during foreplay. Men have different refractory periods – the time they need to “recharge” before any sexual stimulation can be enjoyable again.  

Foreplay is one of the most common tips to last longer in bed that can make you reach orgasm before sex and help you come again during the actual intercourse. This is because it will give you much sexual stimulation even before sex. 

Switch Positions 

If there’s a sex position that makes your boyfriend/husband ejaculate faster, you should avoid using it. Switch to a different position each time you notice that your partner is getting near orgasm. This is one of the best solutions on how to last longer men. The girl on top and missionary positions can delay the ejaculation of most men. There are also certain positions that can provide better sensations to women. You can choose to use them to get better sensations and reach your orgasm faster.  


Try pelvic floor exercises. You have probably heard about kegels as a solution on how to make a man last longer in bed. It is actually not just for men. Women can also do this pelvic floor exercise in order to have a better experience during sex. Kegels can improve the pelvic floor muscles’ strength. For women, it can help tighten their vaginas. It can also help them reach orgasm faster. 

For men, kegels can help counter premature ejaculation. This can enable men to perform longer in bed. After doing this exercise for 12 weeks men can already see noticeable results. This is according to the studies done by European Association of Urology.  

Kegel excercise

Use a Condom 

Most experts would include the use of condoms on their tips on how to last longer in bed men. Most men get stimulated faster and better during sex when not wearing condoms. This is because the sensations they experience when using condoms are weaker. The sensations vary depending on the thickness of the condoms. You can use this to your advantage to get longer sex rounds.  

The Psychological Aspect 

Pay attention to the psychological aspect if you are looking for ways on how to make a guy last longer in bed. According to various clinical studies, the psychological aspect of a man greatly affects how long he can perform in bed. Aside from making the premature ejaculation worse, performance anxiety can also affect a man’s erection negatively. Try to shift his thoughts away from those kinds of worries and make him more confident. When taking breaks, make him take deep breaths and focus on the sensations.  

Take it Slow 

Last loger in bed can be achieved easily if you make your man start slow. Make him do just a single thrust every few seconds. You can then gently go faster each couple of minutes. Do it until you reach the usual pace you want. Make your man stop by the time he feels like he is going to ejaculate. Give him a few seconds until he can get a hold of himself before resuming.  

Take Control 

Take better control of your pace during sex. This will help you and your partner reach orgasm simultaneously. If your man is still not able to control the pace better, it is best to be on top or do the positions that will give you full control of the pace. You will be able to notice the level of stimulation your man is getting or if he is already close to ejaculation. By that time, try to slow down. Most men ejaculate a lot faster with continued deep thrusting. Try to avoid this when taking control of the pace.  

Make Him Quit His Bad Habits 

Bad habits such as alcoholism and smoking can lead to all sorts of health problems for men and this includes issues in sexual performance. Studies prove that certain addictions can lead to or worsen premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low energy levels, stamina and even a longer refractory period. This is one of the best tips on how to make him last longer in bed since it can lead to long term benefits. 

There are other ways on how to make him last longer such as helping him choose the right male enhancement pill. Aside from these tips, it is still best to have a healthy lifestyle and choice of foods. This can improve not just the sexual performance of both men and women but your overall health as well. 

Men sexual health



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