Simple Tips For Lasting Longer

Do you want to know simple methods to last longer in bed you can apply immediately? If so, read carefully. Many guys have no clue about how easy this is, there are many techniques which are very simple and that can be effective for pretty much anyone.

First of all, you need to get rid of any kind of stress. While having sex you need to wipe your mind of any anxiety and external thoughts. Anxiety and stress are one of the main factors that make many men to climax too fast. Simply relax and enjoy the moment you are spending with your partner, try to think about nothing else

The fear itself of premature ejaculation can make it much more likely to happen. Its natural for someone who has suffered from premature ejaculation before to fear that it will return: this causes anxiety, which causes even more premature ejaculation. You need to keep telling yourself that there is nothing to worry about, it may take some practice but if you cant take your mind off the thought of premature ejaculation it will do no good.



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